Description: Millimeter-Wave Source Module 83556A with +3 dBm output power

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 835xx Signal Generators
Part Number 83556A

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Keysight 83556A Millimeter-Wave Source Module

The Keysight 83556A is a smart millimeter-wave source module with many advanced features. The frequency range of the 83556A is from 40 GHz to 60 GHz. This model has a frequency multiplication mechanism, which enables the model to generate millimeter-wave frequencies for different testing requirements. The resolution level of these test waves is also exceptional, which ensures the user will receive the most accurate test results. It also makes the 83556A suitable for tough engineering requirements. The device is a low-cost solution from Keysight Technologies with a combination of useful features, performance, and quality.

The 83556A millimeter-wave source module offers backward compatibility with older versions. The device has various modulation schemes, including pulse, AM, and FM modulation. It makes use of the built-in high-performance pulse modulators for this purpose. The accuracy of the device in CW mode is ±40 megahertz. This millimeter-wave source module offers a resolution of 52 kHz. The Keysight 83556A can provide high power at the output. This model can also incorporate an internal leveling mechanism.

The 83556A millimeter-wave source module is a comprehensive package in terms of features. The device offers amazing accuracy for different power levels at the output, which is ±2 dB. It is controlled through the built-in mechanism. The 83556A source module has the capability of providing spurious signals of varying frequency and power levels.

The Keysight 83556A has a user manual available on the apexwaves.com website if you are looking for more information or specifications regarding the millimeter-wave source module.

TypeMillimeter-wave Source Module
Frequency Range40 to 60 GHz
Leveled Output Power+3 dBm
Weight4 lbs.
83556A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download