Description: Sweep Oscillator Mainframe Agilent / Keysight / HP with 0.1 dB display resolution

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 835xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8350B

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Keysight 8350B Sweep Oscillator

The Keysight 8350B Sweep Oscillator is a general purpose, powerful instrument designed for applications like CW Signal Generations, Swept Microwave Measurements, and Automatic Testing. The 8350B provides a frequency range of 10 MHz to 40 GHz. It also includes several productivity features, including but not limited to, a marker sweep function, save/recall registers with access to nine front panel settings, and five independent continuously variable markers. The Keysight 8350B, with an appropriate plug-in, provides output power up to +20 dBm across a frequency range from 2 to 18.6 GHz.

The powerful microprocessor based control with GaAs FET and state-of-the-art YIG-tuned oscillators makes the Keysight 8350B a high-performance system suitable for either automatic or manual measurement applications. This model is fully compatible with other Keysight instruments including: power meters, microwave link analyzers, noise figure meters, and network analyzers to provide optimum solutions. 

The 8350B by Keysight can also make a simultaneous comparison of two different power levels or frequency ranges via a mode called "alternate sweep mode." With this mode activated, the Keysight 8350B alternates between the selected front panel setting and any memory setting stored on successive sweeps. For changing function values, the 8350B has three methods: Step Key Entry, Keyboard Entry, and Control Knobs.

The Keysight 8350B is equipped with five markers, which combined with the high-resolution digital readout, make the precise location of critical frequency behavior easy. Another feature, Marker D, is also included that can calculate the difference between other markers. The SAVE/RECALL feature supplies nine storage locations each with a complete front-panel set-up stored on the nonvolatile memory.

Series835xx Series
TypeSweep Oscillator Mainframe
Display Resolution (power)0.1 dB
External AM frequency response100 kHz
Dimensions16.75 in x 5.25 in x 16.6 in.
Weight36.4 lbs.
8350B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download