Description: Synthesized Sweeper 8341B

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 834xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8341B

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Keysight 8341B Synthesized Sweep Generator

The Keysight 8341B is a Synthesized Sweeper featured with pulse, frequency, and amplitude modulation. This model has a broadband frequency coverage of 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz. With Option 003, <-50 dBc Harmonics in a frequency range of 1.4 to 20 GHz can be generated. The Keysight 8341B is an efficient combination of a synthesizer and a broadband sweep oscillator. This combination is suited for manual and automatic testing and is capable enough to replace a microwave synthesizer, a frequency counter, and even an RF synthesizer.

This synthesized sweeper is designed to provide + 10 t0 - 110 dBm calibrated output. This high output power complemented by flatness and outstanding accuracy can be controlled with 0.05 dB resolution. For a complete characterization of level-sensitive devices, the 8341B also features a sweep capability with a dynamic range > 20 dB.

The Keysight 8341B, similar to other instruments from the 834xx series, comes equipped with a sophisticated front panel - specially designed to keep its operation as simple as possible. It has dedicated mini control panels to provide input for various tasks. This model also has separate digital displays for Power and Frequency.  By displaying an active function along with its current value, another digital play ENTRY Display is also provided.

As far as the pulse modulation characteristics are concerned, this model offers >80 dB ON/OFF Ratio and ≤25 ns Rise and Fall Times. For frequency modulation, the user is allowed to select either 1 MHz / Volt or 10 MHz / Volt sensitivity.

TypeSynthesized Sweeper
Frequency Range10 MHz to 20 GHz
Minimum Settable Power-110 dBm
Output Impedance50 ohms nominally
Pulse Input ConnectorTTL compatible
8341B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download