Description: Synthesized Sweeper 8341A

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 834xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8341A

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Keysight 8341A Synthesized Sweep Generator

The Keysight 8341A is a complete analog synthesized sweeper featured with 10 MHz to 20 GHz broadband coverage and 1 to 4 Hz precise frequency resolution (frequency band dependent). This instrument incorporates synthesis techniques, which enable it to deliver the same low single-sideband phase-noise performance as more expensive models.

This model can deliver analog sweep widths as broad as its full range and as narrow as 100 Hz - a feature which makes it an ideal solution for tight and rapid testing of different devices within their broad frequency ranges. The Keysight 8341A comes with five frequency markers for the simplification of swept measurements. These markers, along with useful functions like marker to center frequency, marker sweep, and marker difference, make the 8341A synthesized sweep generator easy to use.

Apart from being a robust stand-alone, general purpose synthesized sweeper, this model is also a fantastic solution for microwave network analysis with precision. The Keysight 8341A can additionally be coupled with other scalar network analyzers for precision scalar analysis, for applications where accurately gathered data at precise frequencies is required. In addition to its frequency accuracy, this model has a "phase-locked sweep" function as well.

The high-performance pulse modulators incorporated in this instrument offer <25 ns rise/fall times and 80 dB ON/OFF ratio, whereas, the pulse amplitudes are leveled for widths as narrow as 100 ns. This model can also provide dc-coupled AM modulation with a minimum depth of 90% and a 3 dB bandwidth (100 kHz).

TypeSynthesized Sweeper
Frequency Range10 MHz to 20 GHz
Minimum Settable Power-20 dBm
Frequency Resolution1 to 4 Hz
8341A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download