Description: Synthesized Sweeper 8340B

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 834xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8340B

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Keysight 8340B Synthesized Sweep Generator

The 8340B is a Synthesized Sweep Generator from Keysight. This model features a superior resolution of 1 to 4 Hz over the 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz Frequency Range.  Its CW operations are one of the most admired applications and are easy to implement with the help of front panel keys. In this mode, the 8340B generates a low-noise, synthesized, single frequency.  Additionally, this instrument can output leveled power, as well as swept or CW frequency operation. With five frequency markers available to the user in sweep span, the Keysight 8340B can sweep through a span as wide as its own frequency range or as narrow as 100 Hz.

The 8340B comes with a sturdy front panel, along with a distributed digital display to present almost all the essential parameters at a glance. It has a Power Display, 2 Frequency Displays, and an Entry Display all located adjacent to one another. The actual output power is displayed with 0.1 dBm resolution, whereas the frequency displays provide information about the current values. Indicators are used to communicate whether display represents CW, CF ∆F, START or STOP values. Last, but not least, the ENTRY Display key located at the rightmost corner informs the user about active functions and its current value for simplifying the operation.

This model includes a sophisticated control panel. It is a structured panel with keys organized in different groups. A knob is also there to aid the user with making quick changes in the function values. A dedicated key is provided for the actuation of SAVE/RECALL mode that can be used for saving and retrieving a maximum of nine full front panel configurations or settings.

TypeSynthesized Sweeper
Frequency Range0.1 to 26.5 GHz
Minimum Settable Power-110 dBm
Output Impedance50 ohms nominally
Output Level Switching Time<10 ms typically
8340B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download