Description: Synthesized Sweeper 8340A

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 834xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8340A

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Keysight 8340A Synthesized Sweeper

The Keysight 8340A is a Synthesized Sweeper designed to operate in a frequency range of 10.0 MHz to 26.50 GHz. It is featured with AM and Pulse Modulation and capable of working with 50 Ohm Output Impedance. The Keysight 8340A offers -97 dBc/Hz and -52 dBc/Hz Minimum and Maximum Single Side Band Noise respectively. For the simulation of antenna scan patterns, pulse and amplitude modulation can be used simultaneously.

This model delivers the combined efficient functions of a broadband sweep oscillator and a synthesizer. This high-performance combination along with the versatility is perfect for automatic or manual test systems. Most of the time, this synthesized sweeper can replace a frequency counter, an RF synthesizer, a microwave synthesizer, and even a sweep oscillator as well.

Another great feature of the Keysight 8340A is its tendency to offer better switching times for CW (faster than 50 ms). In addition to this, a “Fast Phase-Lock” programming command can also be used by the user to trim down typical switching times for CW to anywhere between 11 and 22 ms (depending on absolute frequency value and frequency step size).

As far as the controlling of the Keysight 8340A is concerned, this model comes with a comprehensive set of input means, including a data entry keyboard, step keys, and a knob as well. The ENTRY DISPLAYS always show the active functions and their persisting values. It is a friendly and interactive device and a relatively easy to navigate. The Keysight 8340A offers 0-90% Amplitude Modulation depth at 100%/V ± 5% AM sensitivity.

TypeSynthesized Sweeper
Frequency Range10 MHz to 26.5 GHz
Frequency Resolution1 to 4 Hz
Output Level Switching Time<10 ms typically
8340A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download