Description: Keysight 81132A Pulse Pattern Generator Module with 1 or 2 channels

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 81100 Series
Part Number 81132A

Keysight 81132A Output Module

One or two of the Keysight 81132A Output Modules can be inserted into the 81130A Pulse Pattern Generator. This will result in a higher performance than the 81130A with 81131A output channels inserted. This combination can be utilized for Gigabit Ethernet test, since it provides stimulus signals. Other applications this combination can be used for include: PRBS generation, data generation, data looping, serial bus test, and high-speed serial bus test. This model comes with the following specifications: one or two channels, 1 kHz to 660 MHz frequency range, 64 kbit memory per channel, SMA 3.5 mm female connectors, -3 V to + 6 V maximum input voltage, and four segments with one looping level.

The Keysight 81132A Output Module with the 81130A Pulse Pattern Generator is suggested to be used for USB compliance assessments. Maximum data rates of 1.32 Gbit/s can be reached via the digital channel add function. There are also differential outputs, 500 ps standard transition times, accurate timing, as well as internal and external clocking. In addition, the pattern formats on this model include: non-return-to-zero (NRZ), return-to-one (R1), return-to-zero (RZ), and delayed non-return-to-zero (DNRZ).

If the user sets a single channel on this model to PRBS, then the other channel must be high or low segments, or PRBS. A valuable feature of the 81132A used in conjunction with the 81130A is the limit function. This feature enables the user to program high and low level limitations to safeguard the device-under-test (DUT) and prevent it from being damaged.

ManufacturerKeysight Agilent HP
Series81100 Series
TypeOutput Module
Channels1 or 2
Frequency Range1 kHz - 400 MHz
Variable Delay Range2.5 ns - 1 ms
81132A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download