Description: 6680 Series DC Power Supplies Features: 8V 580A 4640W Power Supply Agilent / Keysight / HP

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 6680 Series
Part Number 6681A

Keysight 6681A DC Power Supply

The Keysight 6681A is a Power Supply that has 4640 Watts, an input signal between 0 to -5 V for voltage and 0 to +5V for current, an input impedance of 30 kΩ or superior, voltage of 8 Volts, current of 580 Amps, a Low-noise output, overvoltage and over current protection, and fast up and down programming. The Keysight 6681A has an A1 front board, which saves the supply's GPIB address, model number, and constants required to program and align the power supply. If either the front board or the EEPROM is replaced, the power supply must be reinitialized with the best possible constants by running the program. A Bench arrangement supply could be initialized and the Factory Preset Calibration constants loaded by temporarily replacing the A2 Isolator table with an A2 GPIB board.

In this model, primary chip circuits (microprocessor, U114, ROM U106, and RAM U108) can decode and execute all instructions and control all the data transfers between the GPIB controller and the Secondary Interface on the A10 Control Board. The primary chip circuit processes estimation and status data received from the Secondary Interface.

This model incorporates a command processing time function, which represents the average time needed for the output voltage to change the following receipt of digital data, which is 20 ms for power supplies connected to the GPIB. An RFI shield is also included and covers most components and circuit boards, as well as, many of the chassis-mounted components. This model also counts with a DC floating voltage. According to this function, the output terminals can be floated up to ± 60 VDC from chassis ground.

TypeDC Power Supply
Output Voltage0 to 8 V
Output Current0 to 580 A
6681A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download