Description: 6680 Series DC Power Supplies Features: 5V 875A 4375W Power Supply Agilent / Keysight / HP

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 6680 Series
Part Number 6680A

Keysight 6680A DC Power Supply

The Keysight 6680A Power Supply has low ripple and noise for a 5000 watt DC Power Supply. This helps the built-in estimation framework make exact current and voltage estimations. Modifying the DC output and the extensive protection highlights can be completed either from the front board or by utilizing industry standard SCPI commands by means of the GPIB. Utilizing the serial link, a maximum of 16 power supplies can be connected through one GPIB address. Test framework integration could be further simplified by utilizing the VXI plug & play drivers. The output voltage and current can additionally be controlled with analog signals. This is supportive for certain kinds of noisy environments and immediate responses to process changes.

The 6680A Power Supply is a Safety Class I instrument, which means it needs a protective earth terminal. This terminal must be associated to earth ground through a power source provided with a 4-wire, ground receptacle. On diagrams, the name of a complementary signal will be shown with a bar above the signal mnemonic. In different diagrams, complementary signals are demonstrated with an asterisk (*) after those of the mnemonic (such as PCLR*). A mnemonic with a bar over it or an asterisk following it represents the same signal.

The exactness of the current shunt must be 0.04% or superior. When utilizing the 1000 amp 0.05% current shunt, the estimation uncertainly should be stated for all calibrations.

The manual for this model includes more info about this product, and is available on the

TypeDC Power Supply
Output Voltage0 to 5 V
Output Current0 to 875 A
6680A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download