Description: 6670 Series 6675A-J08 features: 2200W 100V 22A DC Power Supplies Agilent / Keysight / HP

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 6670 Series
Part Number 6675A-J08

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Keysight 6675A-J08 DC Power Supply

The Keysight 6675A-J08 is a manually controlled, single output, DC Power Supply rated to supply 0 to 100 Volts and 0 to 22 Amperes. This power supply comes with several operational features, such as the capability to be operated in constant voltage or constant current mode. This model also has built-in overvoltage, overtemperature, and overcurrent protection. When enabled, the overcurrent protection stops supplying output power whenever it goes into CC operation. This ensures the safety of the load.

This model can be operated in auto-parallel operation for increased output current. Similarly, multiple supplies can be operated in series to achieve an increased total voltage. There is also a dedicated voltage output for the monitoring of output current. They Keysight 6675A-J08 features non-volatile storage and can recall a maximum of 5 operating states. This model also features an automatic turn-on self-test.

For digital input and output signals, a 4-pin digital port is provided. This port can be configured to provide either digital I/O or Fault/Inhibit functions. In its standard configuration, the digital port is configured to provide a remote input (INH) and a fault indicator output (FLT).

The Keysight 6675A-J08 is a programmable power supply, which can be programmed by various means. With the front panel programming, the user can program the supply for features like overvoltage and overcurrent protection. Additionally, the power supply may be programmed remotely with the help of a GPIB bus or from an analog input mode. Similarly, the user can have their supply calibrated either from a controller over the GPIB or from the front panel.

TypeDC Power Supply
Output Voltage100 V
Output Current22 A
6675A-J08 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download