Description: 6670 Series 6674A-J03 features: 2128W 56V 38A DC Power Supplies Agilent / Keysight / HP

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 6670 Series
Part Number 6674A-J03

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Keysight 6674A-J03 DC Power Supply

The 6674A-J03 is a 2000 watt DC power supply from the 6670 Series by Keysight. This model is designed to provide 14 V, 150 A output voltage and current respectively. It features a broad range of GPIB interface capabilities including; AH1, SR1, DC1, E1, C0. IEEE-488.2, etc. The Keysight 6674A-J03 employs analog programming of output current and voltage. For modulation, it receives 0 to –4 V for voltage and 0 to 7 V for current with 60 kΩ or greater input impedance.

As far as its design features are concerned, the Keysight 6674A-J03 comes with a well-equipped front panel. Apart from all the necessary keys and switches, this model also has a digital display to keep the user informed about essential parameters, like output voltage and current on a real-time basis. To minimize acoustic noise, it comes with a fan-speed control as well. This DC Power Supply can be used in several testing arrangements. Users can trust its well designed and implemented protection schemes for ensuring the safety of any sensitive device under test.

The Keysight 6674A-J03 is capable of adjusting its output voltage and current by analog signals it receives. This ensures timely and prompt adjustments to process deviations and it is a helpful function for challenging environments with high noise levels. For programming of the extensive protection features or the DC output, this power supply can communicate over SCPI commands, from the front panel or via the GPIB. Now, users can connect as many as 16 power supplies through one GPIB address, using the serial link.

TypeDC Power Supply
Output Voltage56 V
Output Current38 A
6674A-J03 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download