Description: 6670 Series 6673A-J08 features: 2000W 40V 50A DC Power Supplies Agilent / Keysight / HP

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 6670 Series
Part Number 6673A-J08

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Keysight DC Power Supply System 6673A-J08

The 6673A-J08 is an efficient and advanced DC power supply from Keysight Technologies. The 6673A-J08 DC power supply comes with a power rating of 2000 watt. The voltage and current rating of the power supply are also great. This model offers a maximum of 40 volts and 50 amperes at the output. It has only one channel at the output. The instrument comes with low values for ripple and noise. The RMS values for voltage and current are 1 mV and 40 mA. The peak-to-peak voltage value is 10.5 mV.

The 6673A-J08 DC power supply system incorporates the GPIB interface capability. The GPIB interface enables remote control and programming features for the users. The front panel of the device also incorporates the control options and enables the user to adjust the voltage and current at the output with ease. The 6673A-J08 power supply can be ordered along with various accessories, such as a slide kit, analog and digital plugs, and a serial link cable. The analog plug is 7-pins, whereas the digital plug is 3-pins.

The 6673A-J08 DC power supply offers exceptional resolution capabilities for voltage, current, and OVP. Their values are 10.5 mV, 12.5 mA, and 75 mV respectively. The command processing time of the equipment is 130 milliseconds. The 6673A-J08 also comes with exceptional load and line regulations for voltage and current. Their values are 1.4 mV and 4 mA.

The Keysight 6673A-J08 DC Power Supply has many more beneficial features, options, and specifications. If you would like to learn more about this model, the user manual can be viewed on the apexwaves.com

TypeDC Power Supply
Output Voltage40 V
Output Current50 A
6673A-J08 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download