Description: 6670 Series 6672A-J04 features: 2040W 24V 85A DC Power Supplies Agilent / Keysight / HP

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 6670 Series
Part Number 6672A-J04

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Keysight DC Power Supply System 6672A-J04

The 6672A-J04 is a reliable and efficient DC power supply from Keysight Technologies. This model has many of the latest features to provide efficient output. The output current range is from 0 to 85 A. It has a front panel and remote programming function as well. The front panel has both rotary (RPG) and keypad controls, which allow the user to set the output voltage and current. The front panel also displays the digital readouts of output voltage and current for easy viewing.

The Keysight 6672A-J04 offers a self-test capability feature, which helps detect and display the errors of the instrument. This model offers a calibration function that helps calibrate different parameters., such as output voltage, output voltage read back, overvoltage protection (OVP), output current, and output current read back. This power supply has an average programming resolution voltage of 6 mV. It has an average programming resolution current of 22 mA. It offers a response time of 70 ms for output voltage programming, a programming accuracy voltage 0.04% + 25 mV, and a programming accuracy current of 0.1% + 60 mA.

The 6672A-J04 DC power supply offers an analog control feature for output voltage and current. This feature helps in noisy environments and in immediate reactions to process change. The 6672A-J04 ripple and noise voltage is RMS 1 mV, while the ripple and noise current is RMS 100 mA. The ripple and noise for peak to peak is 11 mV. The 6672A-J04 load regulation voltage is 650 μV.

TypeDC Power Supply
Output Voltage10 V
Output Current200 A
6672A-J04 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download