Description: 6670 Series 6671A-J03 features: 2100W 14V 150A DC Power Supplies Agilent / Keysight / HP

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 6670 Series
Part Number 6671A-J03

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Keysight DC Power Supply System 6671A-J03

The 6671A-J03 is the high-performance DC power supply system from Keysight Technologies. The built-in mechanisms enable exceptional measurement accuracy. The output of the 6671A-J03 DC power supply system is extremely stable and enables the user for reliable measurements in various testing requirements. The DC power supply comes with the power rating of 2100 watts. The output voltage and current ratings of the 6671A-J03 are 14 V and 150 A. This model offers only one channel for output. The instrument has a voltage load regulation of 600 micro-volts. The value for line current regulation is 7 milliamperes.

The 6671A-J03 DC power supply comes with a GPIB interface capability. This feature permits the user to program the power supply remotely. It makes use of the SCPI command set for this purpose. This model complies to the regulatory specifications, including UL1244, CSA556B, and IEC 61010-1. The 6671A-J03 DC power supply system comes in a compact shape and size. It has the dimensions 425.5 mm W x 132.6 mm H x 640 mm D and weighs around 28 kgs. The small size makes it suitable for bench-top applications in the lab environment.

The 6671A-J03 DC power supply offers a floating voltage mechanism at the output. The DC voltage can float up to ±240 volts. The values are referenced from chassis ground. The transient response time of the instrument is 900 microseconds. It enables the instrument to recover the voltage up to 100 mV in a short time. This voltage is in correspondence with the change in load at the output.

TypeDC Power Supply
Output Voltage14 V
Output Current150 A
6671A-J03 ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download