Description: 66321B, 1 Output Mobile Communications DC Source

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 66300 Series
Part Number 66321B

Keysight 66321B Mobile Communications DC Source

Featured with Battery Emulation, the Keysight 66321B is a Mobile Communications Direct Current (DC) Source. This model has a voltage range of 0 to 15 V and is rated to provide 0 to 3 A output current. The 66321B offers various features ideal for testing battery powered and wireless devices. The <20 µs transient response time ensures maximum possible test-system throughput with lesser device shutdowns related to drop of voltages in the test wiring. This DC Source comes with integrated measurement systems to measure battery current drains accurately while the device under test operates in different modes.

A Keysight-developed feature allows mobile phone manufacturers to detect intermittently and permanently open-sense wire connections. The 66321B Keysight offers exceptional sourcing, precise measurement, as well as output resistance programming. A new function incorporated in this model can help users simulate their battery’s internal resistance. Moreover, it offers stable output operation with either long or short leads.

The battery emulation system assists users in testing their devices under realistic power conditions. Emulation is considered a key element when detecting product flaws and in the characterization process of battery life. The 66321B Agilent Mobile Communications DC Source also offers positive and negative output resistance programming, three measurement ranges for current, and supports up to six meters of load leads. This high performance model is recommended for modern automated test system platforms.  The 66321B weighs around 9.07 kg and its physical dimensions are 212 W x 88.1 H x 435 D (mm).

TypeMobile Communications DC Source
Output Voltage0 to 15 V
Output Current0 to 3 A
Dimensions8.4 (W) x 3.5 (H) x 17.13 (D) in.
Weight20 lb.
66321B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download