Description: 66312A 40 Watt Dynamic Measurement dc Source 20 Volt 2A

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 66300 Series
Part Number 66312A

Keysight Dynamic Measurement DC Source 66312A

The 66312A is the high-performance dynamic measurement dc source from Keysight Technologies. The 66312A comes with an output voltage rating of 0 to 20 V. It combines two instruments in one unit. It comes with a dc source. This source produces dc output with programmable voltage and current amplitude. The 66312A offers an accurate voltage and current meter as well. The voltage and current meter can measure very low current levels. This model comes with an output current range of 0 to 2 A. It also offers analysis of voltage and current waveforms.

The Keysight 66312A offers the capability of measuring the RMS or peak values of voltage and current. It has output voltage and current with 12-bit programming resolution, a programming accuracy current of 1mA, a load regulation voltage 2 mV, and a load regulation current 0.5 mA. There are also GPIB and RS-232 interface options.

The Keysight dynamic measurement DC source 66312A offers a high-speed programming capability. The front panel on this model is simple to navigate. This front panel has both rotary and keypad control options, which allow the user to quickly adjust the output voltage and current. It also offers a clear display of output measurements. The front panel has system keys as well, which help perform the system functions. This model comes with a line regulation current of 0.5 mA. This model also has a non- volatile memory to store the settings of the SCPI programming language. The 66312A dynamic measurement DC source comes with 16-bit measurement resolution.

TypeMobile Communications DC Source
Voltage20 V max.
Current2 A max.
Watts40 W
66312A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download