Description: DC Source - Mobile Communications 15 Volt 3 Amp DVM Included

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 66300 Series
Part Number 66311D

Keysight 66311D Mobile Communications DC Source w/ DVM

The 66311D is the 15 V and 3 A mobile communication DC source from Keysight Technologies. The instrument has a wide range of applications in the communication industry for testing. With this model, the user can carry out testing for wireless and battery powered devices. It exhibits extremely accurate measurement results at the output. It comes with a single output channel. The instrument offers the exceptional throughput and sourcing capabilities, which enables the 66311D to overcome tough testing challenges at the industrial level. It also offers dynamic measurement capabilities. The user can measure the current drains of the battery for different modes of operation of the device.

The 66311D mobile communication DC source comes with an additional digital voltmeter, which further enhances the measurement capabilities of the instrument. The buffer size is 4096 points for dynamic measurements. The sampling interval time offered by the instrument ranges from 15 microseconds up to 31,200 seconds. The 66311D mobile communication DC source also incorporates a current sinking capability, which permits the user to test and calibrate the circuitry of the chargers. The instrument has a GPIB interface and SCPI command set capability.

The 66311D mobile communication DC source has an input power rating of 125 watts. The input voltage and current ratings are 100 Vac and 1.7 amperes. The device also complies with the EMC regulatory directives. The instrument weighs around 11.1 kilograms.

The 66311D mobile communication DC source has a detailed user manual available on the apexwaves.com website for more information about the features and specifications of this model.

TypeMobile Communications DC Source
Full Scale Voltage15
Full Scale Current3
66311D ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download