Description: DC Source - Mobile Communications 15 Volt 3 Amp

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 66300 Series
Part Number 66311A

Keysight 66311A Mobile Communications DC Source

The 66311A is the precision measurement mobile communications DC source tool from Keysight. This model offers exceptional sourcing and high throughput capabilities. The Keysight 66311A has extraordinary characteristics for transient voltage response. It enables the user to continue the testing while the phone shutdown is triggered. The instrument has an output voltage rating from 0 to 15 volts. The output current rating is three amperes. It also has the capability to provide the peak current of five amperes. It can do so continuously for 7 ms.

The 66311A mobile communications DC source offers extremely accurate measurements, which enables the user to measure the current of the micro level. It helps in characterizing “sleep mode” functions of the phones. The 66311A also permits the user to analyze the loading information of the batteries through dynamic current pulse measurements. The user can carry out precise voltage measurements, allowing them to track the voltage levels of the charger. There are HP-IB interface capabilities as well. The 66311A mobile communication DC source incorporates the SCPI command set to program the GPIB.

The Keysight 66311A offers a transient response time of less than 35 microseconds. It also offers the amazing resolution of voltage and current. It is 3.75 mV and 0.67 mA respectively. It also offers the sink current of 2 amperes at 7.5 volts. The output voltage of the 66311A can be floated up to 50 volts DC.

The 66311A mobile communication DC source has a user manual, which can be downloaded on the apexwaves.com website if you would like more information about this model’s options and features.

TypeMobile Communications DC Source
Peak Current Sourcing5 A
Current SinkingUp to 2.8 A
66311A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download