Description: DC Source - Mobile Communications (Dual) DVM Included with 0 to 3 A output current

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 66300 Series
Part Number 66309D

Keysight 66309D Dual Mobile Communications DC Source

The Keysight 66309D Dual Mobile Communications DC Source has two outputs for assessing the battery charger circuitry and the main battery power. This DC source allows the user to test chargers and phones with one piece of equipment, thus eliminating the need for two different power supplies.

This model`s output ratings are 0 to 15 V, 0 to 3 A and it can withstand 5 A peak current for up to 7 ms. Additionally, the Keysight 66309D offers 0.04% +, 5 mV DC read back accuracy and 1% +, 5 mV AC + DC (combined) read back accuracy while operating at 60 Hz to 10 kHz frequency.

The Keysight 66309D is a dual output model because it comes featured with 2 outputs and is recommended to users who need to provide power from an external source, replacing their device`s main battery. This model comes with an advanced integrated measurement system to measure battery current drains precisely when the device operates in various modes, such as active mode, off/sleep mode, standby mode, or talk mode.

The Keysight 66309D Dual Mobile Communications DC Source also offers a unique feature that enables the user to detect intermittently as well as permanently open-sense wire connections automatically. This detection of open-sense connections prevents the user from incorrect battery-charger calibration, low-voltage device shutdown because of a considerable voltage drop (transient), and inaccurate test results. The 66309D comes with an easy-to-use yet effective GUI and a number of analysis tools to be used in benchtop configurations.

ManufacturerKeysight Agilent HP
TypeDual Mobile Communications DC Source
Output Voltage0 to 15 V
Output Current0 to 3 A
Transient Response70 mV drop, <35 µs
66309D ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download