Description: 6023A Autoranging dc Agilent / Keysight Power Supply

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 6020A Series
Part Number 6023A

Keysight 6023A DC System Power Supply

The 6023A is the 20 volts and 30 amperes DC system power supply from Keysight Technologies. This model exhibits the maximum power rating of 242 watts, load regulation voltage and current values of 2 mV and 9 mA + 0.01 %, line regulation voltage and current values of 1 mV and 6 mA + 0.01 %, and a transient response recovery time of 1 to 2 milliseconds. This ensures the accurate measurements and high performance of the power supply and makes it the preferred choice for lab requirements in the R&D sector.

The 6023A offers exceptional values for voltage and current programming resolution, which are 5 mV and 10 mA for voltage and current respectively. The two units of the 6023A can be connected in series, parallel, or auto-parallel modes. This enhances the output capabilities of the instrument and enables the user to fulfill various testing requirements. The instrument has the normal operating temperature range from 0 to 55 degrees Celsius. This model has three cables to allow GPIB connectivity, along with a test connector for the control board.

The 6023A offers the option of incorporating additional capabilities or accessories. Several of these include: a rack mounting kit, flanges with handles, or an operation and user guide. It also includes the service kit, which contains the extender tools for power mesh boards.

The Keysight 6023A DC System Power Supply has many more useful features, options, and specifications. If you are interested in this model and would like to learn more, the user manual can be found on the apexwaves.com

TypeDC System Power Supply
Voltage0 to 20 V
Current0 to 30 A
Maximum Power242 W
6023A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download