Description: 6022A Power Supply

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 6020A Series
Part Number 6022A

Keysight 6022A DC System Power Supply

The 6022A is a DC system power supply from Keysight Technologies with advanced capabilities. This model offers a wide range of measurement capabilities and exceptional performance accuracy, which enables the users to achieve tough test and analysis requirements. The 6022A has wide applications in the education sector and can also exhibit high performance and accuracy in the harsh industrial environment. The typical efficiency level of the 6022A power supply is 80% on the maximum output boundary.

The 6022A DC system power supply incorporates a protection mechanism, which prevents the internal circuitry from becoming damaged in the overvoltage or overcurrent condition. The power supply has connectivity terminals on the back panel. There is also a six-position switch on the back panel. This switch enables the user to switch between the various operational modes of the power supply. The user can also ground the positive or negative terminal of the supply. It allows the user to fulfill various testing needs. It also enables the mechanism for DC voltage to float. It is over the specified value from chassis ground. The 6022A DC system power supply implements a fan cooling mechanism to dissipate the heat efficiently.

The 6022A DC system power supply comes with smart control options on the front panel and incorporates display unit. This permits the user to view the measurements in real time. The user can quickly adjust the voltage and current levels as per their requirements. The 6022A DC power supply also offers optional capabilities and accessories, which can be purchased at an additional cost if the user chooses to do so.

TypeDC System Power Supply
Input Signal0 to 5 V
Operating Temperature0 to 50 degrees C
Remote SensingUp to 2 V
6022A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download