Description: 6021A Power Supply

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 6020A Series
Part Number 6021A

Keysight 6021A DC Power Supply

Keysight 6021A is a bench-friendly and system-ready DC Power Supply designed to provide clean, precise DC Power that’s guaranteed and fully specified. With its robust fault detection and output protection capabilities, it is smart enough to safeguard connected loads from potential harm. The Keysight 6021A is suitable for a variety of applications, including but not limited to, Education, Design, ATE, QA, and Research.

This power supply is an autoranging one that provides max power across a wide range of current and voltage combinations. Its auto-ranging capability is a function of a 20k Hz pulse-width modulation circuit coupled with power MOSFETs to deliver a laboratory grade autoranging characteristic. The Keysight 6021A comes with two 3½ digit displays to display output current and voltage. The simple front panel enables the user to set output current, voltage, and overvoltage protection (OVP).

A set of pushbutton switches is also there to show the programmed values of current, voltage, and overvoltage limit. It is equipped with LED indicators to exhibit the operating state of the power supply (CC, CV, Overvoltage or Unregulated). The Keysight 6021A is a fan cooled model; an integrated thermostat automatically shuts down the supply in case of a developing over-temperature condition and resets automatically after the normalization of unit’s temperatures.

The Keysight 6021A comes with remote sensing and programming capabilities and empowers the user to sense the output voltage remotely. A six-position MODE switch is used to switch control from front panel control to remote resistance or remote voltage control. All connections are made utilizing screw-on terminals to the rear-panel. Either the negative or positive output terminal may be grounded.

Series6020A Series
TypeDC Power Supply
Pulse-width Modulation Circuit20 kHz
DisplayTwo 3 1/2 digit displays
6021A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download