Description: 6011A 1064W DC System Agilent / Keysight Power Supply

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 6010A Series
Part Number 6011A

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Keysight 6011A DC System Power Supply

The 6011A is a high-performance DC system power supply from Keysight Technologies. This model is an efficient instrument, which offers high-quality standards and measurement accuracy. This power supply combines various smart capabilities into one unit, such as remote programming, sensing, and auto-ranging. It includes the flexibility to connect and operate in auto-parallel and auto-series modes. The instrument comes with built-in protection mechanisms. These include overvoltage and overcurrent protection modes. The 6011A can also offer constant voltage and constant current at the output, which greatly enhances the measurement accuracy for challenging design requirements.

The 6011A DC system power supply offers the power rating of 1064 watts. The voltage output capability of the power supply is 20 volts, while the output current can be up to 120 amperes. There is a ten-turn control on the front panel, which allows the user to adjust the output voltage and current quickly and precisely. The instrument has the facility to display the control settings on the front panel. The front panel meter can also display the OVP trip levels. It fulfills the monitoring requirement of the power supply for various testing applications.

The 6011A DC system power supply comes in the dimensions of 132.6 H x 425.5 W x 516.4 D in mm. It offers the load regulation voltage and current values of 3 mV and 15 mA + 0.01 %. The device also offers the programming control through a GPIB interface. This model also has voltage and current values for the programming resolution which are 5 mV and 40 mA.

TypeDC System Power Supply
Voltage20 V
Current120 A
Max. Power1064 W
6011A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download