Description: 6010A 1200W DC System Power Supply

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 6010A Series
Part Number 6010A

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Keysight 6010A DC System Power Supply

The 6010A is an efficient, lightweight DC system power supply from Keysight. The maximum power rating of the power supply is 1200 watts. The voltage and current ratings are 200 volts and 17 amperes respectively. The load regulation voltage for the 6010A is 5 mV + 0.01 %. The load regulation value for current is 10 mA + 0.01 %. The line regulation for voltage and current are 5 mV and 5 mA + 0.01 %. The instrument also offers an exceptional programming resolution of 70 mV and 7 mA for voltage and current respectively.

The Keysight 6010A DC system power supply incorporates a built-in voltmeter and ammeter. They are integrated on the front panel of the power supply. The voltmeter can measure the voltage between 20 volts to 200 volts. It offers the resolution of 100 mV and 1 V. The ammeter can measure the current up to 20 amperes. It has the resolution of 10 mA. They offer the highest levels of measurement accuracy. The Keysight 6010A also offers the amazing transient recovery time against load effects. It ranges from 2 to 3 milliseconds.

The auto-ranging capability of the 6010A allows the model to operate at the maximum power rating. There is an in-house pulse width modulation circuit to enable the auto-ranging function. The PWM circuit operates at 20 kHz in coordination with the MOSFETs. The 6010A DC system power supply is ideal for the test bench because it can take the place for numerous power supplies in a single model.

TypeDC System Power Supply
Voltage200 V
Current17 A
Max. Power1200 W
6010A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download