Description: Keysight 54831D with 600 MHz bandwidth

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 54830 Series
Part Number 54831D

Keysight 54831D Oscilloscope

The Keysight 54831D Oscilloscope has a moderately deep memory, each model with MegaZoom it's a deep memory oscilloscope with a standard memory of 4 Mpt (or 2 Mpt of memory in each channel). Memory options for 16 Mpts (or 8 Mpts in each channel) are accessible and cost up to 60 percent less than the cost of the first-generation of depth memory oscilloscopes. This oscilloscope is affordable enough that every one of its regions can have deep memory. By mixing effective highlights, convenience, and the correct specifications, this model enables the user to find answers faster. A simple front board like the analog windows-based interface and powerful connectivity capabilities make high execution functions accessible and uncomplicated.

The maximum sample rate and resolution on each estimation are guaranteed. The scope automatically adjusts memory depth as the user utilizes it, so they get the maximum sample rate and resolution on each estimation. With the 54831D, the user can find quick solutions to their inquiries with the built-in information framework. This model has a task-oriented Setup Guide that gives step-by-step instructions for several advanced estimations and procedures. This model will also allow the user to see quick events — as quick as 250 ps — without utilizing exceptional modes like peak detect. Peak points are shown in a darker color than the waveform, indicating more data points are accessible.

If you are interested in this model and you want to learn more about its features, options, and specifications, you can check its manual, which is available on the

Series5830 Series
TypeInfiniium Oscilloscope
Channels4 scope + 16 digital
Bandwidth600 MHz
Maximum Sample Rate4 GSa/s
54831D ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download