Description: Keysight 54820A Oscilloscope with 2 channels

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 54800 Series
Part Number 54820A

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Keysight 54820A Oscilloscope

The Keysight 54820A is a compelling, general purpose, 2-channel oscilloscope from the Infiniium 54800 Series by Keysight. This model is a 500 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope featured with 2 GSA/s sample rate per channel and 32K Memory Depth. Its tendency to provide a similar sample rate on both channels makes it an efficient and timesaving machine. Another valuable feature of the Keysight 54820A is the USB test option with an embedded MatLab. It can also be used for correlation between logic analyzers and scopes from 16700 series.

This oscilloscope comes with an analog-like, simple Windows® GUI based front panel. It can be controlled remotely from any web browser and can be controlled in a completely hands-free mode as this model can receive, interpret, and act upon voice commands. A special collar mount microphone is also shipped along with the base instrument.

For optimum performance, the 54820A chooses a memory depth mode to achieve the best combination of display quality and update rate. However, the user is allowed to select memory depth from 16 to 32,768 points manually as well. This model can handle ± 250 V (dc + ac) maximum input voltage (@ 1 MΩ) or 5 Vrms (@ 50 MΩ). The Keysight 54820A supports video triggering as well with 525 lines/60 Hz (NTSC) and 625 lines/50 Hz (PAL).

This model has Infiniium's built-in information system and can provide measurement assistance in seven different languages including Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. It also has an integrated setup guide to give the user step-by-step instructions for 24 measurement procedures.

Bandwidth500 MHz
Sample Rate2 GSa/s
Memory Depth32 K
54820A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download