Description: Keysight 54815A Oscilloscope with 1 GSa/s

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 54800 Series
Part Number 54815A

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Keysight 54815A Oscilloscope

The Keysight 54815A is a 4-channel, 500 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope designed to acquire sample at a remarkable rate of 1 GSa/s simultaneously on all channels and it has 32K memory depth to offer.  It can generate and represent >2,100 waveforms per seconds using a brilliant integrated display device. This 500 MHz version of Infiniium is designed to provide exceptional performance and versatility for general-purpose lab measurements and some demanding applications as well.

This instrument offers auto, single, and triggered sweep modes and can work in different trigger modes, including but not limited to, the time, pulse width, state, pattern, and edge, etc. When appropriately configured, the Keysight 54815A can generate and transmit reports over email upon getting triggered. These emails are sent along with a screenshot of oscilloscope’s display. This model can select one channel as a clock and can specify other inputs as low, high, or X. It supports AND or NAND logic types at 1 ns setup time and 0 ns hold time.

The Keysight 54815A oscilloscope comes with an integrated 8.4" diagonal LCD incorporating amorphous silicon TFTs. It’s a color active matrix type display module with 6.73-inch x 5.04-inch active display area and 4.10-inch x 6.25-inch waveform viewing area. The display can be toggled between full screen and split screen modes. For a seamless integration and interconnection with your windows based PC, this model fully supports IntuiLink. This oscilloscope can also be controlled from a remote location using LAN or WEB. A standard 10/100Base-T LAN is provided that can be used for achieving multiple file sharing and managing configurations.

Bandwidth500 MHz
Sample Rate1 GSa/s
Memory Depth32 K
54815A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download