Description: Keysight 54645A Oscilloscope 1 MB memory for each channel

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 54800 Series
Part Number 54645A

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Keysight 54645A Oscilloscope

The Keysight 54645A is a 2-channel, 100 MHz bandwidth megazoom and deep memory oscilloscope with 200 MSa/s acquisition and 2ns/div sweep speed. It comes with a high-speed display and gives you the information of your critical controls signals required to ensure seamless circuit operation. Besides, this model has a very deep memory and its 50-sec/div speed enables you to capture analog and transducer signals at an elevated sampling speed. Through the function of MegaZoom technology, accessing deep memory is as simple as turning a knob. Users can zoom and pan to zoom through the deeply captured waveform to look for troubleshooting clues.

This model comes with sophisticated technical specifications such as ± 1.5% dc gain accuracy, 1 MΩ, ~ 13 pF input impedance, 400 V maximum input (dc + peak ac), 1 div or 10 mV (25 MHz to Max bandwidth), 1 M points record length, and 3,000,000 points/sec maximum display update rate. The trigger system of the Keysight 54645A offers several couplings including ac, dc, LF, and HF. This model supports Glitch and TV triggering as well. 

The Keysight 54645A features a real-time vector display, designed to display waveform skew rate information instantly, as brighter traces represent slowly changing waveforms and dimmer traces represent rapidly transforming and evolving waveforms relatively. Its multiprocessor based architecture permits the oscilloscope to display up to 3.0 million points per second. This impressive display update means the oscilloscope integrated display reflects developments in the waveform instantaneously, thus providing the user with the necessary display responsiveness.

Bandwidth100 MHz
Input Impedance1 MΩ, ~ 13 pF
Maximum Input400 V
54645A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download