Description: HP 54540C 32 K memory/channel Oscilloscope

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 54500 Series
Part Number 54540C

Keysight 54540C Digitizing Oscilloscope

The 54540C is another model from the well-known Digitizing Oscilloscope family by Keysight. This model comes with a color, LCD display and can be considered a color variant of the 54540A Oscilloscope. With two channels turned on, the 54540C can acquire samples at 1 GSa/s. This model offers a sample rate of 500 MSa/s with all four channels in service. This digitizing oscilloscope should be used with four passive probes- one per channel- and a 7.5 feet standard power cord.

The 54540C HP is FFT enabled and offers various waveform mathematic functions. Users can set the desired number of points (from 512 points to 32768 points) for the instrument to use in FFT calculation. An increment in the number of FFT calculation points brings a net improvement in frequency resolution. To get the spectrum’s optimum view, users can also control the offset and sensitivity (vertical position). The offset and sensitivity are calibrated in dBm and dB respectively.

The 54540C Oscilloscope is quite flexible in terms of its display characteristics. With this model, the user can split the effective display area into four divisions. Moreover, it can also display a time-domain waveform and its relevant FFT spectrum on the LCD’s top and bottom halves simultaneously. The Keysight 54540C features self-calibration functionality. The Self-Cal Menu can easily be accessed and used to calibrate the instrument for the best achievable precision. For self-calibration, signals are supplied through the DC and AC calibration BNC connectors located on the rear panel. The nonvolatile memory can be used for storing up to nine front panel setups.

Series54500 Series
TypeDigitizing Oscilloscope
Bandwidth500 MHz
Sample Rate2 GSa/s
Memory/Channel32 K
54540C ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download