Description: HP 54501A 100 MHz Oscilloscope

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 54500 Series
Part Number 54501A

Keysight 54501A Oscilloscope

The Keysight 54501A is a minimal effort scope that highlights top of the line capacities found on costlier models. Incorporates auto scale, push catch printed copy, programmed estimations, and non-unpredictable set up and waveform memory. This unit has a bandwidth of 100 MHz, 4 Channels, and samples at 10 MSa/s. Utilizing estimation restrain test, the Keysight 54501A Oscilloscope can naturally portray a circuit or gadget over temperature or time without human supervision. Users can determine upper and lower limits for any 3 of the instrument's programmed estimations, then leave it running unattended. If an estimation surpasses predefined limits, the abusing waveform, estimations, and other presentation information can be naturally put away or exchanged to an outside printer or controller. This instrument can compute the greatest, least, normal, and latest qualities for all estimations, making gadget or circuit portrayal more exact.

The double time-base windowing function gives users a chance to zoom in on subtle elements of the waveform they are estimating. Like the double postponed clear component found on some simple oscilloscopes, double time-base windowing gives users a period extended perspective of a smaller part of the waveform, characterized by the user with the instrument's cursors.

The lightweight and portable Keysight 54501A Oscilloscope weighs just 22 pounds and is effectively transported. The small size enables the model to fit effectively in the storage compartment of a car, making them perfect for field applications. An optional carrying case is also available, as well as a durable travel case for safe shipment.

Series54500 Series
TypeDigitizing Oscilloscope
Bandwidth100 MHz
Sample RateMSa/s
Memory/Channel501 samples
54501A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download