Description: Agilent 34907A Multifunction Module with 2 analog outputs

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 349xxA Series
Part Number 34907A

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Agilent 34907A Multifunction Module

The Agilent 34907A is a multifunction module designed to be used with the 34970A/34972A Data Acquisition Switch. The user can configure this module to control various external devices, such as power relays, solenoids, and microwave switches. This model allows great flexibility for a broad range of control and sensing applications. The Agilent 34907A comes with two non-isolated 8-bit digital I/O ports. The user can employ these ports for reading digital patterns as the live status of the bits or by configuring a scan with a digital read included.

The Agilent 34907A Multifunction Module offers two low-noise analog outputs as well. These outputs can generate and outputting calibrated voltages within a range of ± 12 volt, with 16 bits of resolution. Each digital-to-analog channel converter (DAC) can be utilized as a programmable source of voltage to achieve analog input control of various other devices. The DAC channels on this model can deliver 10 mA current (maximum) at the output.

Another great feature of this module comes in the form of a 100 kHz totalizer, which can generate a pulse at the rate of 100 kHz with programmability for rising or falling edge. The integrated totalizer of the Agilent 34907A is designed to operate at a read speed of 85/s. Its maximum countability is 2^26- 1 (67,108,863). With this module, the user can read the totalizer either manually or by configuring a scan. The 34907A Multifunction Module can count events for around 45 minutes at full speed without undergoing an overflow.

TypeMultifunction Module
Analog Outputs2
Totalizer Input100 kHz
Setting Time1 ms to 0.01% of output
DAC 1, 2±12 V, nonisolated
34907A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download