Description: Keysight 34906A RF Multiplexer Module with 2 GHz bandwidth

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 349xxA Series
Part Number 34906A

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Keysight 34906A RF Multiplexer Module

The Keysight 34906A is a 2 GHz, 75 Ohm, Dual 1:4 RF Multiplexer Module for the 34970A/34972A. This common low (unterminated) Multiplexer Module offers broadband switching capabilities for pulsed and high-frequency signals. The user can utilize this module to route test signals between a signal generator, spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, or other compatible instrumentation and the device under test (DUT). The Keysight 34906A allows direct connections to SMB inputs or through the BNC-to-SMB adapters as well. This module provides 60 ch/sec speed and has a thermal offset of < 6 µV.

 The Keysight 34906A is supplied with 10 SMB to BNC, 75-ohm cables. A combination of this module and the 34970A enables the user for the measurement and conversion of 11 different type of input signals, such as Thermistors, RTDs, Frequency, Current, etc. This module can easily be configured since its host machine comes with built-in communication interfaces, including LAN and USB.  The 34970A can easily be coupled with the Keysight 34906A as it’s an 8-slot mainframe with 6½ digit DMM. In addition, it has 8 optional control plug-in modules.

For easy controlling of the instrument, a graphic web interface is also provided with this device. This model is entirely compatible with the BenchLink Data Logger program. Thus, the user can control tests, display results, and collect data for future analysis. The Keysight 34906A comes in a modular form that can easily be inserted into the slots provided on the rear side of the 34972A.

Series349xxA Series
TypeRF Multiplexer Module
Compatible Models34970A/34972A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit
Maximum Volts42 V
Speed60 ch/sec
Bandwidth2 GHz
34906A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download