Description: HP 34901A Multiplexer Module with 10 MHz bandwidth

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 349xxA Series
Part Number 34901A

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HP 34901A Multiplexer Module

The HP 34901A is a 20-Channel Armature Multiplexer Module, which offers 300 V Switching and two dedicated channels for AC or DC measurements within a range of 100 nA to 1 A. It features an integrated thermocouple reference junction as well. This model offers a significant switching speed of around 60 channels/second. The HP 34901A is one of the most versatile options available for general purpose scanning. To address a broad range of data acquisition types, the dense multifunction switching fully complements the high switching rate at which it operates.

With this model, the user is offered with the flexibility of mixing two wire and four wire channels on the same module. The AC and DC measurements of the additional fused inputs can be utilized for the routing of current (up to 1A) towards the internal DMM. Thus, this model can handle measurements without the requirement of any external shunt resistors. To ensure closing of only one channel at a time, this Multiplexer Module employs break-before-make scanning. However, this model can be operated with multiple channel closures allowed when not configured for scanning.

This general-purpose Multiplexer is designed to be used with the 34970A data acquisition switch unit and can easily be inserted or detached without the involvement of any special tool. For programming this module, the user can choose to go with either the GPIB or an easy to use specially designed graphical web interface. The HP 34901A can be configured for switch scans and its per channel measurement can also.

Series349xxA Series
TypeMultiplexer Module
Channels20 + 2 current
Maximum Volts300 V
Maximum Amps1 A
34901A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download