Description: Keysight 44474A 16-Bit Digital Input/Output Module

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 3499 Switch Series
Part Number 44474A

Keysight 44474A Digital Input/Output Module

The Keysight 44474A is a Digital I/O Module that gives 16 bi-directional information lines (bits), in addition to 4 lines utilized for control and handshaking. The 16 information lines offer TTL good information and open authority yield. The 16 I/O lines or bits can be tended to separately (a tiny bit at a time), as two autonomous 8-bit ports, or as one 16-bit word. For example, one port can be utilized for yield activity, while the other for input. Every I/O line can sink current up to 0.125A from outer gadgets. The Keysight 44474A Digital I/O is a savvy gadget with its offering of 64 opto-segregated advanced lines. It comes packaged with the Keysight Measurement Manager (AMM) programming for snappy set up and information logging. Streamlining this further is the order lumberjack work offered in the Keysight Measurement Manager that permits catching setup charges that can be effectively changed over to scraps of VEE code. This incorporates any mix of temperature, voltage, opposition, current, frequency, or period estimation channels. An output can likewise incorporate a read of an advanced port or a read of the totalizer depend on the module.

The user can enable the instrument to naturally choose the estimation extend utilizing auto-ranging or they can choose a settled estimation run utilizing manual going. Auto-ranging is helpful because the instrument naturally chooses which range to use for every estimation in view of the information signal. The user can control the frequency of output clears by choosing a hold up period from the beginning of one compass to the beginning of the following range (called the sweep to-check interim). The commencement time appears on the front-board show between one output clear and the beginning of the following scope.

TypeDigital Input/Output Module
Bidirectional Data Lines16
Maximum Voltage+30 VDC
Maximum Current0.125 A
TTl30 V
44474A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download