Description: Keysight 44471A 10-Channel General Purpose Relay Module

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 3499 Switch Series
Part Number 44471A

Keysight 44471A General Purpose Relay Module

The Keysight 44471A is a 10-channel, 1-wire universally useful transfer module. It may be utilized to control DUT control, to impel outside transfer, or to shape an attenuator. Each hand-off on the module is evaluated for changing up to 250V, 2A, or up to 60 W or 125 VA. The underlying shut channel obstruction is lower than 1 Ohm. The 44471A displays low warm qualities, making it perfect for autonomous flag exchanging. A screw terminal square is given for simplicity of wiring. This instrument is a General Purpose Relay comprised of 10 SPST autonomous transfers for general flag exchanging and the control of outer gadgets.

Quality associations make this module perfect for exchanging signals when multiplexing is not required, or for providing switchable capacity to the gadget under test. This unit has an Option 011 module for the Switch/Control Unit. All readings taken amid an output are naturally time stamped and put away in the memory. Amid the sweep, the instrument computes and stores the base, most extreme, and normal on all diverts in the output list. The user can read the substance of memory whenever, amid a sweep Subsequent to arranging a divert to be incorporated into the output show. The user can duplicate that same design to different directs in the instrument (counting computerized channels on the multifunction module). This component makes it simple to arrange a few channels for a similar estimation. The user can close and open transfers independently in the module. In any case, take note that if the user has officially arranged a channel to examine, they cannot close freely and open individual transfers in that module.

TypeGeneral Purpose Relay Module
RelaysArmature Latching Relay
Maximum Current2 A
Maximum Voltage250 V
Accessories44481A Screw Terminal Block
44471A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download