Description: Keysight 44470D 20-Channel Multiplexer Module

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 3499 Switch Series
Part Number 44470D

Keysight 44470D Multiplexer Module

The Keysight 44470D is a Multiplexer Module that can change motions superior than 250 V, 2 A and 60 W or 125 VA related to every channel. Additionally, this model has 20 channels to switch both high and low info signals to a typical bus. This module displays low warm balance attributes, making it perfect for accuracy low-level flag steering. It very well may be worked in either a break-before-make mode or various channels-close mode. A screw terminal square is given for simplicity of wiring.

Keysight furnishes instrument drivers that work with the user’s choice of programming, sparing time and protecting programming and equipment ventures. Keysight instruments accompany IVI-COM, IVI-C, and LabVIEW programming drivers that work in the most well-known test and estimation advancement conditions, including: LabVIEW, MATLAB, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Studio C, C++, C#, VEE, and Visual Basic. The Keysight 44470D Multiplexer Module can be swapped out, supplanted, or updated with the most recent adaptation, requiring just insignificant programming modifications. The product is sent with a broad on-line Help framework to enable users to take in the highlights of the product and also investigate any issues that may emerge as they are utilizing the product. As the user is introducing the product, they will see that the on-line Help framework is accessible in a few languages. Any channel that can be "read" by the instrument can likewise be incorporated into a sweep. This incorporates readings on multiplexer channels, a read of a computerized port, or a read of the rely on a totalizer channel. Mechanized examining is not permitted with the RF multiplexer, framework, actuator, advanced output, or voltage output modules.

TypeMultiplexer Module
RelaysArmature Latching Relay
Maximum Scan Rate>43 Chan./sec.
Maximum Current2 A
Maximum Voltage250 V
Maximum Power60 W or 125 VA
44470D ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download