Description: Keysight 3310A Function Generator with <20 ns rise/fall time

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 3310 Series
Part Number 3310A

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Keysight 3310A Function Generator

The Keysight 3310A is a voltage-controlled Function Generator offering ramp and pulse functions, as well as sine, square, and triangle outputs. The frequency range covers 0.0005 Hz to 5MHz in decade ranges. The output voltage is more noteworthy than 15 V p-p into 50 ohms. This model has an easy to understand and utilize front-board that makes setup and improvements swift and simple. The DC offset and outside voltage control give a wide assortment of uses and a quick rise time match up output is given. The aspect ratio of nonsymmetrical functions is 15%/85%. Pulses or ramps in this model have a 15% or 85% duty cycle. The user can also mount the Keysight 3310A in a standard 19-inch rack by utilizing one of two optional units available. Guidelines and hardware equipment are incorporated with each rack-mounting kit. Any Agilent System II instrument of a similar size can be rack-mounted adjacent to the Keysight 3310A.

The Keysight 3310A gives PWM for pulse carrier waveforms. PWM is the main sort of modulation supported for pulse waveforms. In PWM, the pulse width or duty cycle of the carrier waveform is varied by the modulating waveform. The user can determine either a pulse width and width deviation, or a pulse duty cycle and duty cycle deviation, the deviation to be controlled by the modulating waveform.

If you are interested in this model and you want to learn more about its options, features, and specifications, you can read its manual, which is available on the

Series3310 Series
TypeFunction Generator
Frequency Range0.0005 Hz to 5 MHz
Sine Wave Frequency Response1 kHz at full output into 50 ohms
Sync Output Response<20 ns rise/fall time
Maximum Output Amplitude30V p-p
Attenuation>60 dB
3310A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download