Description: 16823A Portable Logic Analyzer with 102 Channels

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 16800 Series
Part Number 16823A

Keysight Portable Logic Analyzer 16823A

The 16823A is a portable logic analyzer with a built-in pattern generator from Keysight Technologies. The logic analyzer offers 48 channels for data or clock, along with 48 channels for pattern generation. This model offers a 4 GHz or 250 ps timing zoom capability with the memory depth of 64 K. This feature enables the user to carry out high-speed measurements with extreme accuracy. The 16823A logic analysis allows the user to identify integrity issues of signals. These are related to rising times, fall times, and data valid window widths.

The 16823A portable logic analyzer permits the user to upgrade features of the equipment. The user can add more memory depth and state speed. The portable logic analyzer and pattern generator combine to implement various mechanisms. It allows the user to create the digital stimulus tests. The instrument offers single-ended support for signals, along with capabilities for timing and state analysis for sampled signals. These signals are asynchronous in nature for time analysis. These are synchronous for state analysis. The 16823A offers different rates for clock and data in these modes of operation.

The 16823A portable logic analyzer has a large fifteen-inch color LCD display with a resolution of 1024 x 768. This model comes with built-in interfaces. This feature enables the flexibility for the portable logic analyzer to be utilized for many different requirements. The 16823A portable analyzer can be ordered with additional accessories and options, which are described in the user manual, available for download on the apexwaves.com

ManufacturerHP Agilent
TypePortable Logic Analyzer
Logic Analyzer Channels102
Pattern Generator Channels48
High-speed Timing Zoom4 GHz (250 ps) with 64 K depth
16823A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download